The Design Center for Kitchen and Bath - Never received product

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I purchased kitchen cabinets in October 2008 from this company and specifically told them to deliver cabinets to my home.It is now February 2009, I still do not have the cabinets that I paid for and the company refuses to refund my money.

I believe that they delivered my cabinets to my former contractor whom they knew that I was having trouble with, and now they don't want to take responsibility for their actions. The owner did not wish to address my concerns at all.

I was forced to contact Better Business Bureau in order to have this issue addressed.We will be going to arbitration in the near future.I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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The Design Center for Kitchen and Bath - Dave Lomax aka Adrianna's in Chicago is a RIP OFF

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Dave Lomax was contracted to install a completely new kitchen in July 2008.He had to level my floor on 3 different occasions because he was trying to get away with doing an inadequate job.

He did not order the cabinets that I picked out and paid him for. He did not install counter tops, sink, faucet, dishwasher, or electrical outlets. He did a horrible paint job. He quit before the job was done and ran off with over $6,000 of my money.

He is a rip-off and his company name is bogus.

He is not a licensed contractor as he stated.BEWARE!!!

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Side Note: This review is NOT about The Design Center for Kitchens and Baths; however, Dave Lomax does business with them.I was not satisfied when they refused to give me an itemized invoice (once I discovered where my cabinets were actually purchased), and I felt like they were aware of Dave's schemes before I even discussed my issue with them.

I spoke directly to the owner about my dissatisfaction with the quality of the cabinets, lack of paperwork, and the scheme planned by Dave and one of his employees.The owner basically ignored me and said that there was nothing he could do.


LOL!You are so funny.

Thanks for the hits to this link.

I really appreciate it Sally.Keep them coming.

Glynn, Louisiana, United States #54169

Obviously you don't have a life. So I will be ignoring you and all of your comments from this point on. Grow up!

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #54163

You combined two reviews?

I was correct, you ARE an ***.

Glynn, Louisiana, United States #54083

For others reading this post, please, disregard this one as I have accidently combined this review with another company that I was writing about. This particular review is about Dave Lomax...NOT Design Center for Kitchen and Bath.

Glynn, Louisiana, United States #54081

Sally, I don't believe that I posted that I DIDN'T contact a lawyer.Did I??

I put this out there so others will be aware of this company.Get a life, and direct the *** remarks for to yourself.

Glynn, Louisiana, United States #54065

By the way, Dave Lomax quit the job 11/2008--4 months after the start date, and the job was still not finished.

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